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"Learn How To Improve The Taste Of Your Semen"

Sperm doesn't have to taste bad image


Can I Make My Sperm Taste Better?

Have you ever been told your semen tastes bitter or salty, or worse yet, gross?  Want to increase your chances of getting more blowjobs?


One of the most common things women complain about when they talk about oral sex is the taste of semen.


You can improve the taste of your semen, and we put the details into one short article for you.

"She Complains That My Semen Tastes Bitter and Salty"


These are the two most common words used to describe the taste of semen.  Quite often there is a complaint about a chlorine-like smell.  This is common and is not a reason to believe that there is anything wrong with your sperm.


You cum is a product of the nutrients that you eat.  That means that the foods you ingest will affect your seminal fluid composition, and obviously its taste.


What Can I Eat To Make My Semen Taste Good?


Semen might never taste "good" to some, while others probably enjoy the taste of it.  Taste is too subjective, but what you'll learn here can hopefully help you make your semen taste a little less bitter, and more sweet.


Certain foods have reputations for helping semen taste better, including:

  • pineapple - pineapples (and juice) makes semen much sweeter tasting

  • celery - helps reduce bitterness of semen sometimes

  • fruit - mostly melons, fruit seems to make semen taste sweet

  • cinnamon - can help mask odd semen tastes

  • water (important) - lots of water every day to flush toxins from your body

Vegetarians have reputations for having better tasting sperm than meat eating males.  This is not only due to the extra fruits and 'healthy' foods that vegetarians eat, but also what they don't eat.


Things That Can Make Seminal Fluid Taste Bad


If there are things that make your semen taste good, there's got to be some things that make it taste bad:

  • too much protein (meat, dairy products, etc) will generally make semen salty

  • too much coffee makes semen taste very bitter

  • heavy smoking can make semen taste bitter and generally gives it a bad taste

  • garlic and onions carry their flavor to semen sometimes

  • foods with a high sulfur content (broccoli family, meats, legumes, nuts & seeds, etc)

It's okay to eat these foods, but try not to eat too many, especially at one sitting.  If you insist on eating lots of protein, you should try to drink extra water to flush the metabolized proteins out because this seems to be one of the main offenders of bad semen taste, as do dairy products.


"Are There Any Sperm Taste Supplements?"


We've never heard of one that actually works.  There's too much that affects the overall taste of your semen.


For instance, let's say you eat tons of protein, smoke heavily, love garlic and cabbage - a supplement isn't going to be able to mask the taste of all of those metabolized foods that end up in your semen.


Your best bet is removing, or at least reducing your protein input.  Try to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits (especially pineapple or pineapple juice).  It might take a few weeks to notice a difference, but if you stick to this plan you should have better tasting semen. | Links | Sitemap