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"How Can I Raise My Male Fertility And Sperm Count?"

Fertility Tips For Men

Male fertility and pregnancy imageMale fertility is typically the first thing brought into question when a couple is struggling to make a baby.  Typically, after 6+ months of trying to have a baby with no success, it's time to look at the man's fertility, sperm count, sperm motility, and other factors.


It's not uncommon for a low sperm count and reduced fertility to make a man feel inadequate or shameful.  You need to realize that male infertility is a very common problem, and it seems to be increasing in Western Civilization in modern times.


With the right approach, most men can raise their sperm cell count and fertility enough to make significant improvements, and avoid costly visits to a fertility doctor.


"What Defines Male Infertility Or Low Sperm Count?"


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a 'healthy' sperm count as:

  • at least 20 million sperm cells per mL

  • at least 2 mL of semen volume (roughly 1/2 teaspoon)

  • 75% or more of the spermatozoa need to be alive (it's common for up to 25% to be motionless upon ejaculation)

  • at least 30% of the sperm cells should be 'normal' shape and form (again, it's common for a high percentage to be 'irregular')

  • 25%+ of the sperm cells should be swimming in a forward direction with good speed

  • 50% of the sperm cells should be moving in a forward direction (ie. not swimming circles, swimming aimlessly, or irregular patterns, etc)

These are generalized guidelines, and should never be considered strict rules for male fertility.  A male fertility test should be taken if you suspect low fertility or sperm count, and will give you an overall seminal health analysis.


Semen is produced in a number of different glands in your body, including your testicles.  The only place that spermatozoa (sperm cells) are produced is inside the testis.  Typically, it takes around 70 days for one sperm cell to be produced before it travels out of the testis, and into the epididymis where it is stored until ejaculation.


The production of sperm and semen is a complicated task, and one that is occurring every day inside your body from puberty until death.  It's a process that requires a number of specific nutrients and plenty of energy.  Taking proper care of yourself is of utmost importance for good male fertility, especially when you consider the length of time that it takes to produce each healthy sperm cell.



So, How Can I Increase My Sperm Production?


Don't worry, you're not out of luck if you are suffering from a low sperm count.  There are many things you can do and eat to increase your fertility.


Simple things like heat can reduce your fertility.  This is the old boxers versus briefs argument, and if you're wearing briefs (or any tight underwear) it's time to change.  Testicles hang outside or the body for a reason: they perform optimally at a temperature that is a few degrees below body temperature.  By wearing tight underwear you're forcing the testis against your warm body, which can slow your sperm production down.  Also you should avoid hot baths/showers, sitting on heated seats, putting a laptop on your lap, or anything else that might unnecessarily raise the temperature of your groin area.


Eating properly is also important for optimum male fertility.  You need to provide the semen production process with lots of nutrients, which you can read about in our nutrients for semen production article.


Recent university studies have been finding a correlation between overexertion (ie. very heavy exercise) and decreased male fertility.  Exercise is obviously good for you, but just try to keep it to a reasonable level.


Finally, your overall health is going to affect your fertility as well.  Obesity, poor eating habits, smoking, heavy drinking, and stress are all factors in your fertility.  As with many things, living with a healthy lifestyle will help you keep your sperm cell production and fertility at a maximum.


Male Fertility Overview
Generally speaking, if you live a healthy lifestyle you should have adequate sperm output.  However, it's not uncommon for male fertility to drop below 'acceptable' standards.

There are certian thing you need to avoid, such as smoking and heavy drinking, in order to prevent from lowering your sperm count.

Eat properly, use a semen pill, and you should be able to increase your sperm production and fertility.

Do Sperm Pills Work?

Medical research has brought many sexual enhancement products to the market, including erection aids such as Viagra.

Sperm pills are formulated from natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to raise semen volume and sperm production.

These pills, such as Semenax, are safe and potent solutions to increase your semen output.  Click here to read more about sperm pills. | Links | Sitemap