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Sperm Pills For Increasing Semen Production

"Will Semen Pills Work For Me?"

Scores of male actors in adult films shoot huge, impressive loads for the camera, and the best way for them to insure their own success is to use a potent supplement like Semenax or Volume Pills.


While potent and extremely effective, these sperm pills are 100% natural and totally safe.  All the semen supplements listed on our website are guaranteed safe by medical professionals, doctors, herbalists, and nutritionists.


The best sperm pills are very effective at increasing semen volume, raising sperm count, and helping guys shoot farther and with more repetitions.  You should expect an increase of semen volume anywhere from 50% all the way up to extreme cases (with some effort) where some guys increase their sperm production by 500%!


What Is The Best Sperm Pill You Can Buy?


Sperm Pills imageWe've received thousands of questionnaires, surveys, and emails from men who've taken sperm enhancement pills, and we've assembled the data for everyone to check over.


Time and time again in our surveys, the same pills were coming back with very high feedback and user ratings.  Other pills were clearly scams that contained no effective ingredients for increasing sperm production.


We've summarized the results from all of our customer feedback.  You can read through the reviews of experiences with semen pills, or you can simply click through to the manufacturer's websites and make your own decision.


Our Top Recommended Semen Supplement:


Semenax Voted #1 Overall

Semenax Review


Semenax outperformed every other sperm pill according to our research.


It is blended in the USA in a certified pharmaceutical facility, and was designed by a team of medical professionals, doctors, and fertility specialists.


Although not cheap at roughly $60/bottle, Semenax produces real results.  If you want to increase your sperm production, give Semenax a try.

Semenax image
Order direct:


#2 Overall Semen Volume Pill:


Volume Pills Voted #2

Volume Pills Overview


Volume Pills are more than another top quality formula.  They are the original sperm pill, having been on the market for almost 7 years now.


Their formula is focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and as such it has a potent mix of herbs that are well know in China for their ability to increase fertility, sperm production, and raise semen volume.


A well designed product, Volume Pills has stood the test of time and has a strong group of followers.

Volume Pills image
Order at:

Also Recommended:


Vimax Volume Voted #3

Vimax Volume Overview


100% natural, Vimax Volume claims to give users better feeling orgasms, stronger ejaculations, and more quantity of sperm.



One of the newer products available, VimaxVolume seems to be getting great reviews so far.

VimaxVolume image



"How Effective Are Semen Supplements?"


Often within the first few weeks, you will notice a slight increase in the volume of your semen release.  The first month also usually comes with some surprises like stronger orgasms (a nice bonus!).  If you're looking for those impressive explosive cumshots like you've probably seen pornstars shoot, consider ordering at least 3-4 months worth of the supplements for maximum effictiveness.


These pills contain hundreds of years worth of research, considering that they are formulated from herbs and vitamins that have been proven over generations of use across a broad spectrum of cultures, tribes, and societies.  Technology has allowed scientists to blend modern research with fertility producing compounds from around the globe to create today's semen producing formulas like Semenax and Volume Pills.


Are they effective?  You will find out how effective these pills are when you surprise yourself the first time you blast a load halfway across the room.  I know from experience that they work, and they work very well indeed!


While there are a number of sperm producing foods, herbs, and vitamins available, nothing compares with a properly formulated semen pill. | Links | Sitemap